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Help save the environment, one grassroots signature at a time by signing to divest Massachusetts now. 

In Massachusetts, voters can place questions on the ballot instructing your State Senator and Representative to support important issues.  There is a bill in the Legislature that will mandate that public pension funds divest from companies that have a majority of their assets in the fossil fuel industry.


It will take 48,000 signatures to place the question in every State Senate district and 32,000 to place the question in every State Representative District.

This is our chance to have our voices heard, and make a difference, pass laws and reduce the effects of climate change.  You can help to organize in your State Senate or Representative district by agreeing to sign the petition when they are available in April 2022. send the website link to your friends and family to encourage them to be part of the team that is standing up to the oil companies. We can tell our Representatives that the people run the government, and we stand with those who want to protect our planet.

Make a difference!!  Sign up to commit to signing the petition in April of 2022. 

Divestment is designed to reduce the financial desirability of the companies that produce fossil fuels. It tells Wall Street that these polluters should not be supported by pension funds and educational entities. This will devalue the fossil fuel companies and raise the cost of capital so that they will rethink how they run their companies.  It starves the polluters and shows investors that there are better investments to make to increase the profits. As this has happened over the years the stock prices of these companies have gone down to the point where some analysts don’t recommend fossil fuel company stock purchase. It is our plan to build public support for divestment with a Public Policy question, that goes directly at the fossil fuel industry and persuades our government to create laws that will convince them to move to alternative energy sources.

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