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Help us defeat climate change in Massachusetts by signing for a state and local government mandate to divest pension funds from companies that are destroying the Earth’s climate.

Our Goal

We want to add our voices to the millions who support divesting public pension funds from oil, gas, and coal companies that are polluting our planet. Limiting funds for these companies will force them to develop clean energy alternatives.

Legislation has been proposed on Beacon Hill. We want to tell our Senators and Representatives that we support the legislation.  It will make real change in eliminating the climate crisis. Show the Legislature and the Governor that we expect them to do their job and protect our planet from the devastating consequences of climate change. Join us!!  Sign up now!!

What is Divesting


It is when activists convince pension funds, banks, colleges/universities, and other financial institutions to pull out the money they invest in companies that negatively affect the world.  Divestment in South Africa wasn't the first divestment ever, but when students around the country got their college to forgo doing business in South Africa, it brought Apartied to the world's attention. It supported Nelson Mandela and changed the world.


Colleges and universities in Massachusetts invest millions of dollars through their endowments that support the fossil fuel industry. They pay little to nothing in property taxes, they benefit from, federal and state loans to students to pay for the operating budgets, and government grants and scholarships provide guaranteed sources of income. They benefit from government programs, yet invest in companies that are killing our planet.  We can pass laws that will force changes in their investment strategies and let the fossil fuel industry know they can’t destroy our planet without financial consequences.


In Massachusetts, voters can place questions on the ballot instructing your State Senator and Representative to support important issues. There is a bill in the Legislature that will mandate that public pension funds divest from companies that have a majority of their assets in the fossil fuel industry.  We can pass it! Sign now!

It will take 48,000 signatures to place the question in every State Senate district and 32,000 to place the question in every State Representative District.

Make a difference!!  and join our cause.

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