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Progressive groups all around the country are putting pressure on oil, gas, and coal companies by demanding that pension funds in states, colleges, and local governments divest from funding these companies that are destroying this planet.  There is legislation sitting on Beacon Hill to divest state pension funds from these companies and let them know they need to move to renewable energy, before we will invest in them.  By putting this public policy question  on the ballot in your State Representative and Senate district, and passing it in November 2022 we will send a clear message to the leaders on Beacon Hill that they must pass the bill in the Legislature and the Governor must sign it.


Divestment has been a tool of progressives for decades. Divestment helped end Apartheid in South Africa, and bring awareness and legislation to stop the tobacco industry in the 1990s.  We will force state pension funds, colleges, and universities from investing billions of dollars in companies in the fossil fuel industry.  By denying these funds it will make acquiring capital much more difficult for the polluters who keep destroying the Earth, decrease the value of their companies, and show their CEOs that investing in renewable energy is better for our planet as well as their bottom line.


It worked to free the people of South Africa under Nelson Mendela and it has had a positive effect around the world today. Now is the time to stop the flow of money to polluters so we can stop the flow of oil that is destroying the Earth.

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