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Oil companies are some of the biggest contributors to climate change. Urge the Massachusetts state government and higher learning institutions to divest from these harmful businesses and switch to renewable energy sources.

Only through divestment can we hope to save our planet! Protect the life in the sea, protect our people, protect our way of life. Sign up now and we'll keep you updated on how you can make a difference.



1. Sign up to have SFM mail you a petition & a stamped/self-addressed envelope starting April 26th.

2. We need this petition returned to us by May 7th.

3. In total, we need 200 certified signatures (certified registered voters) from each individual state-represented district in Massachusetts.

4. Each of our 160 districts needs 200 signed petitions.

5. We then bring the 200 petitions to each town clerk (of each district) and the clerk certifies them.

6. The clerk then gives them back to SFM and we then present the certified petitions to the Secretary of State who then puts the question of Divesting state pension funds and higher learning endowments from the oil industry on the 2022 midterm ballot.

7. It is an advisory question. So even if our vote on the ballot wins, our state rep can still say, “no”.

Therefore, we will need to continue to put social pressure on each representative before and after we vote.

8. Massachusetts votes Tuesday, November 8th, 2022.

9. The state represented of each district will then feel the pressure of making our question a law as a result of the vote.

10. We continue to do all we can to pressure our representatives until it becomes law.


Please Donate If You Can.

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